Education Culture and Social Innovation Researches Association (EKSINOVA) is a non-profit non-governmental organization aiming to bring innovative solutions to social problems, to support the continuity and sustainability of these solutions with various educational models and to realize this by using objective and scientific methods. 

EKSINOVA operates at local, regional and EU levels. It has dynamic and active members who develop innovative approaches to find solutions to social, educational and cultural problems.  

Located in Konya, EKSINOVA works actively with local governments, National Education Directorates, Universities, Women Associations and Adult Education Centers


The staff of the Association have both academic competence and expertise in different fields of social sciences. EKSINOVA aims to develop its capacity by using international experience and co-learning methods and with different partnerships in different projects. Our members and management staff consisting of academicians and social researchers aim to produce solutions based on academic and scientific basis to local, regional, national and international problems. In this context, it is trying to produce tailor based projects with many municipalities and regional development agencies and aims to continue these works by developing these collaborations. 

We aim to unite visionary and committed organisations and individuals who believe in the power of innovating for good We connect with our members on a deeper level and help them reach their own goals. We believe in empowering our members and providing them with the platform they need to go faster, think bigger and benefit more people.Our staff is also experienced in social innovation practice, academic and applied research, as well as social innovation education, financing and policymaking. 

NGO executives and members have many project experiences within the scope of local governments, Mevlana Development Agency, National Agency, EU funds.
Persons involved in the project have experience in the National Agency's LLP programs for 2007-2013 and Erasmus + 2014-2020.
In addition to local and regional cooperation, our Association can benefit from Erasmus +, IPA Programs and other community programs, and Ministerial grants programs in order to develop and maintain its activities at national and international level.


GSmart Project

Erasmus+ Project: GSmart (Project No. 2020-1-PL01-KA204-081415)

Generation: Smart. Social Competences Transmedia Bridge To Cultivate A New Culture For Cross-Generational Collaboration. The GSmart project is an Erasmus+ based undertaking - no. 2020-1-PL01-KA204-081415, Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation. It comprises partners from Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Turkey. The project will last 33 months - starting on 1st December 2020.

For more information visit the site of the Project https://www.generationsmart.eu/eu/project

Research on cross-generational collaboration and the necessity to overcome emerging problems in this area – for current and future needs. The research was conducted by the GSmart Consortium as IO1.

The research analysis results form the basis for designing an educational model, including a training program in GSmart IO2. It is aimed at the needs of the project's targeted groups – educators and other personnel who support adult learners.

Through the research, the GSmart project brings the project's targeted groups the possibilities to update and expand their knowledge on cross-generational collaboration – to educate others. It also constitutes an added value at the EU level – there is a real need for new, reliable, and up-to-date research on the issue in question.



Thos project stablishes long lasting partnerships in 6 EU/TR regions (TR52/TR100/HU101/NL321/ITD55/EL41), to upgrade heritage based offers for new investment opportunities in heritage tourism adhering to the rising force of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI).
TOURiBOOST builds an unprecedented opportunity to terminate the vicious circle of generating and distributing low quality tourism commodities exchangeable by price: a methodological framework assists capacity building of 136 tourism stakeholders, who apply project-based learning in TR52/TR100/HU101/NL321/ITD55/EL41, to engage in tourism innovation.
Thus culture-driven consumption is advanced across the Project Area and beyond by communicating cultural values, from natural monuments and ecosystems to sites and collections, from the arts to traditions and handicrafts inspiring new forms of cultural consumption, and skilling young professionals into the management of heritage.



016-1-TR01-KA203-035297 / Tourism Urban & Social Tapestry- Developing Soft & ICT/Mobile learning skills - ERASMUS+ HIGHER EDUCATION STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP PROJECT- ,
TOURBAN (2016-1-TR01-KA203-035297) is a Strategic Partnership in Higher Education within the Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices Key Action of Erasmus+ Program. It started on 1 September 2016 and ended 30th of August 2018. Overall goal of the project was to achieve Knowledge Triangle, digital integration, opening up education, entrepreneurship and soft skills within the collaboration of large stakeholder map in the tourism sector.
There were 6 partners involving Universities, Municipality as policy maker, NGO, and private companies with specific profile in training for the strategic partnership in tourism sector.The project delivered five (5) Intellectual Outputs , organized one Hackatour event focused on Mobile tourism and one Tourism Science event tackling more than 200 participants.With this goal, TOURBAN developod Open Education Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).



In SCOUT Project it is aimed a holistic, strategic approach to destination management in order to create fulfilling and authentic visitor experiences and promote sustainable tourism best practices. We have exchanged of different tourism management models in order to recognise and validate knowledge, competences and skills of tourism professionals. Another added value is in networking western and eastern European countries, and from exposing different stakeholders (institutions, associations) to holistic, sustainable tourism themes.



E-GAME project developed an animated electronic game in 11 languages on European integration in which all the partners co-involved adults and young people to permit them to work as a group without distance one from the others and to create a synergy to favour and develop an intergenerational dialogue.

The Systemic Coaching

EKSINOVA has been strived to explore representations as a dynamic method of communication in professional and personal relationships. It organizes workshops that bring insight and solutions to a variety of challenges related to the issues related to your past, present and future histories that needs to processed for the purpose of achieving understanding and vitality. Using systemic coaching/business constellation any domain can be explored like community, in teams of youth, family and peer relations regarding topics of workplaces, adopting crisis situaiton,collaborations in depth. Participants may investigate their own system and be active observers for others and many other combinations.

EKSINOVA aims to unite visionary and committed organisations, individuals and especially youth who believe in the power of innovating for good and having skills up-to-date today’s world of business requires. We connect with our members on a deeper level and help them reach their own goals. We believe in empowering youth and providing them with the platform they need to go faster, think bigger and more creative, tackle challanges and build their future.

The activites EKSINOVA carried at local level with the youth based on systemic coaching/business constellation democratic participation, opening all decision making spaces to any participant of the organization. The participants are mainly youth and university students who needs to develop fundamental skills and systemic attitudes that point to new actions and behaviours that support change

Other projects

"Past for future"
ERASMUS+ KA1 Youth Mobility. Necmettin Erbakan University 2015-1-TR01-KA105-015401. (Researcher):6.000E

"Equal education opportunities for students with learning difficulties" 
2014-1-EL01-KA201-001322_3. (Researcher): 120.000E

"SCOUT- Destination Managers for Europe Small Capitals"
2013 LDV Partnership Project: 200.000 E

2012-2014 Grundtvig Partnership Project.: 220.000 E

"What About Us"
2011-2013 Grundtvig Partnership Project: 150.000 E

"Foreign Language Trainer for Mother Tongue a- Train- the Trainer Curriculum – LAMOTO"
2009-2011 LDV Project 

"Memory for the Future- Building Bridges between Elderly and Young"
2009-2011 Comenius Project. 

"Safety Agreement for Europe"
2009-2011 Comenius Project. 

"Disabled Students’ Quality of Life at School and in the Society"
2008-2010 Comenius Project. 

"Education Towards Sustainable Development of Environment"
2006-2008 Comenius Project. 

"Far Away but Close Enough"
2006-2008 Comenius Project. 

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